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The bakery in Ifakara produces in excess of 400 loaves daily and local labour is employed. It has become an independent business which is managed well and uses its profits wisely. All the equipment installed in 2001 is performing well and able to produce up to 1,300 loaves per day. Some of the profits made is being put aside for future expansion.

Therefore, our aim is to concentrate on the maintenance of the "Free Bread Funds". Every penny we receive will be part of the purchase of freshly baked loaves of bread as no expenses are charged to the charity. The money we accumulate is then sent to trusted people who purchase the "Free Bread" from the bakery.

We visited all recipients of the "Free Bread" and they are most appreciative. It is very difficult to put into words how grateful the people are who now receive and much enjoy their daily bread. Again and again we were asked to make sure that all the people who are helping us to maintain the breadline should know how much of a life line it is for them.

We could see how much good the regular supply of nutritious bread does to so many - particularly the children! So we must continue to raise 10,000 this year. So what can you do to ensure the continuity of this life line?

1. ASK FOR A TALK - We are happy to address any organisation or group of people who want to hear more of the IBP charity. We bring our own overhead projector and screen and we charge no fees but if a collection is taken we shall be delighted.

2. PERSONAL DONATION - Any donations - small or large - will be acknowledged. A gift of 10 will enable us to buy 40 loaves of freshly baked bread for the people in the Ifakara area. Cheques should be made out to "The Ifakara Bakery Project".

3. GIFT AID YOUR DONATION - If you pay income tax or capital gains tax we can reclaim from HM Revenue & Customs 25p for every pound donated without any further costs to you. The refund we receive is again used to purchase further loaves of bread. However, it is necessary for you to complete a Gift Aid Declaration as per form 'A' icon below. Please ensure to enter your full name and address and sign it.

4. REGULAR GIVING - If you would like to send a regular monthly / quarterly / yearly gift please let us know and we shall let you have the necessary details to complete a standing order with your bank in favour of "The Ifakara Bakery Project" account. If you can 'Gift Aid' your regular donations (see Ref. 3) please complete Declaration as per form B icon below.

To raise 15,000 this year think and pray positively for the Ifakara Bakery Project. If you require any further information please Contact IBP.

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