Future Fundraising


We returned from our last visit to Ifakara in November 2006. The bakery which we commissioned in 2001 has become very important for the local population. It is well managed, clean and produces over 400 loaves of highly nutritious loaves of bread daily by employing local labour. All the equipment installed in 2001 is performing well. The bakery is self financing and the Sisters use their profits wisely.

They regularly feed the poor but they were also able to buy more seed for their fields. The container in which we sent the goods in 2001 has been converted very ingeniously into the first bread shop in Ifakara with the help of the local blacksmith - all paid for out of their own funds. We are only being occasionally asked for some technical and commercial advice. This means that we can concentrate all our fundraising activities for the "Free Bread Funds".
We visited all recipients of the 'Free Bread' in October 2006 and they are so grateful as for many it is a lifeline. They are most appreciative and we were charged again and again to take their gratitude to all those who have helped us to make this possible. Therefore, we are determined to continue with the work of raising the necessary funds this year and the foreseeable future. We must raise 15,000 this year just to maintain our current "Free Bread Funds".

We have witnessed the immeasurable gratitude by those who now can enjoy the 'Free Bread' and seen with our own eyes how much good it does. We simply could not put a stop to the regular supply to the children and adults who could not afford their daily bread.

Therefore, we are happy to talk to any organisations which would like to hear more about the Ifakara Bakery Project. We bring our own overhead projector and screen so that we can illustrate the talk. We do not charge a fee or any travelling expenses but if a collection is taken we are delighted. Every gift, small or large, will be used entirely for the purchase of freshly baked bread as all administration costs are borne by us. This is a brief guide as to how many loaves of bread can be bought with your donations:

  1 = 4 loaves        3 = 12 loaves       5 = 20 loaves       10 = 40 loaves

Bread is the Staff of Life. If we work together we shall ensure that this food continues to be available to all the people in Ifakara where it is making a substantial difference to the quality of their lives.

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