The Nazareti Leprosy Centre: This is a hospital for people suffering from leprosy and also acts as a centre for outpatients coming for treatment against leprosy. It has an excellent reputation built on many achievements since the 1950s. The Matron is Sr. Maria-Paula who has guided and enlarged the centre over the last 52 years.

During our first visit in 1998 we found this centre coping with around 100 resident patients and also caring for over 150 outpatients on a daily basis.

After we commissioned the bakery in 2001 we were told that the resident patients had dropped slightly but they were still caring for well over 100 outpatients. We left money with the Matron to provide daily bread for the resident patients. Later we received a thank you note from Sr.Maria-Paula to let us know how much the daily bread for the hospital's patients is appreciated. She wrote this on the back of a card that carried Helen Keller's thought provoking words: "I cried because I had no shoes, when I saw a man who had no feet".


During our visit in 2006 we learned that the resident patients had dropped to 40 which was excellent news. They continue to receive their daily bread and they are so grateful when it reaches them with a cup of sweetened tea in the morning after the drugs have been distributed and the dressing of wounds has taken place.


The centre continues to receive around 100 outpatients on a daily basis. As many who are visually affected with leprosy could not return to their families or tribes, the Nazareti Centre has provided sheltered accommodations for them They visit the Centre as outpatients but when they are well they are still allowed to stay in their new homes.
They provide income by using their skills which enables them to achieve some independence. Every other week they gather in the court of the Centre and receive some 'Free Bread' together with some sugar and tea. We witnessed this very happy throng as they received their bread. Their gratitude is so overwhelming.
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