Idete is approximately 20 miles West of Ifakara and can only be reached using treacherous roads. The Kindergarten using the Montessori system was started in 2005 with 60 children of 3 to 6 years. - Our involvement was due to knowing Fr. Achilleus Ndege who previously was the administrator of the St. Francis District Hospital in Ifakara but was asked by the Bishop to become Parish Priest of Idete. As he was familiar with the organisation of the "Free Bread Funds"

he asked us if we might be able to stretch our funds to include the children of the Kindergarten. We agreed for a trial period of six months as from the end of 2004 as we had some doubts if the bread could be transported regularly to Idete. We should not have been concerned about this as they readily solved the transport problems to make sure that on three days the bread is delivered to Idete for the five days' requirements.

The teaching and the supply of 'Free Bread' proved so popular with the local community that the Kindergarten had to expand rapidly. With the help from a UK Rotary Club they were able to acquire the necessary additional teaching equipment and they now have some 140 children regularly attending school. We were able to match the increased requirements for 'Free Bread'.


During our visit in October 2006 we joined them for early morning Mass before we all had breakfast of sweet tea and bread which was much enjoyed. The staff told us that the children are able to concentrate better in school having had their bread for breakfast; they also look and are healthier and attend school more regularly.
On the day of our visit we were asked to present certificates and an exercise book to each child who is soon to 'graduate' to the Primary School. There was great rejoicing by all the children and we were asked by their parents and staff to let everyone know how grateful they are for the children's bread.

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