The Ifakara St. Francis District Hospital: It is not the responsibility of the hospital to feed its patients. They have to rely on their families to provide food. If the patient lives locally it probably will happen but all too often the patient's family may be 2 to 3 days walking or even cycling distance away and then the foodline will only be very intermittent. So we adopted:




In 2001:
Two Wards for Malnourished Children

In 2002:
Two TB Wards in addition to the Malnourished Children's Wards




In 2003:
Two long term patient's wards were added.


In 2004:
The Neonates Ward where mothers who have given premature birth
receive their daily bread.

The average daily consumption is around 60 loaves of bread. When we visited the hospital in October 2006 we were told by medical staff that the malnourished children enjoy their daily bread and develop an appetite for food. The patients in the TB wards are so weak on arrival but according to the nurses they are gaining in strength as they enjoy their daily bread. We received a moving 'Thank You' from the long-term patients who in several cases would have hardly any food as families are too far away to privide it. The nursing mothers are greatly helped with the nutritious daily bread they receive and, therefore, are in a better situation to provide their own milk for their babies.

For many patients at the St. Francis District Hospital the supply of daily bread is a lifeline. Please, help us to maintain it.
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