The Free Bread Funds


The news of freshly baked bread being available from the Sisters' Convent spread like wild fire through Ifakara. There was a constant stream of people willing to pay Tanz.Shillings 200 for the small loaf or TS 300 for the large loaf (about 17pence or 25 pence respectively). We also had many important visitors from near and far who wanted to see for themselves that this project has become a reality and they were astounded to see the high quality bread produced with excellent equipment in modern surroundings.

No doubt you will be surprised at such low bread prices but you have to put it into context with the average wage earners which at that stage amounted to 35 per month. Therefore, you will realise that many will not be able to afford to purchase this bread on a regular basis. Following the commissioning of the bakery in September 2001 we chose some trustworthy people with whom we could leave money with which they were able to purchase bread on a daily basis and distribute it to those who particularly need it. We had sufficient money to fund various needy groups of people which grew year by year in the Ifakara area.

The Ifakara St. Francis District Hospital:
- Two Wards of Malnourished Children
- Two TB Wards
- Two Longterm Patient Wards (one male and one female)
- The Neonates Ward
Further information go to "Free Bread - Hospital"

The Nazareti Leprosy Centre:
- Patients in the Nazareti Hospital
- Exp-patients in Sheltered Accommodations
- Ex-patients living with relatives
Further information go to "Free Bread - Nazareti"

The Ifakara Orphanage:
Further information go to "Free Bread - Orphanage"
The Bethlehem Centre for Children with Learning Disabilities:
Further information go to "Free Bread - Bethlehem"

The Idete Kindergarten:
Further information go to "Free Bread - Kindergarten"

We have to raise 15,000 to maintain these Free Bread Funds in 2009.