The Bethlehem Centre: This is a home for children with learning disabilities which was built by Br. Edwin, a Capucian, over 30 years ago. Currently they house some 120 children of 6 to 14 years. They attend school run by teachers with special application for such children including a young speech therapist from England. They also receive training for the management of various crops and animal husbandry to ensure that when they return to their families they can make a valuable contribution. Those that can be taught are also shown the crafts of weaving, colouring material and carpentry.


We only had sufficient funds in 2002 to provide the money so that the children could have bread on three days each week. This was much appreciated and we were told so repeatedly.


In 2004 we were able to increase the donation to the Bethlehem Centre to enable them to obtain bread for five days a week. Their gratitude was overwhelming. However, quite soon we received reports that every morning many of the children wanted to know if it was a 'Bread Day' and if it was not, then there were long faces and many of them were difficult to cope with.

Thanks to the many donations we received we were able to increase the bread supplies to Bethlehem's children to seven days a week in the Autumn of 2005. - Shortly before Christmas of that year we received a most wonderful 'Thank-You' letter from the children and staff for the bread and they continued "....but now we know that many people far away love us...". That certainly added to the happiness of our Christmas!

When we visited Bethlehem we joined 106 children and some staff for breakfast and as it was a special day the bread was served with 'Blueband' and honey from their own hives together with a cup of sweet tea. The bread is much appreciated and we were told that the children are much calmer, have an increased attention span in school, and general improvement of their health is noticeable.
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